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Never too young to strengthen your memory.

Sometimes when we are so busy in life we start noticing a little memory changes. "Awww, that is just stress, it's nothing worry about." While that may be true, but do you know how many people experience a little change in their memory or thinking around age 45 and even younger? Research in US stated they received 1 in 9 people 45 and older reporting they have a little forgetfulness. That doesn't sound so bad. We all go through it once in a while. I agree with those expressions. However, I have done lots of research on cognitive thinking, memory and found just like most illnesses and disease early detection can help improve your survival or prevention rates.

We say "45 is so young, why bother?" Let me tell you like it is. Once you have dementia (progressive neurodegenerative disease) it does not go away. It only gets worse.

The benefits of early memory screenings is not just to state you do or do not have any issues. It is also to encourage you to take the opportunity to enhance or strengthen your memory before it does develop into a dementia type illness. I found a leaflet to share with you from the UK that has information of services. Out here in the Caribbean we have little to no services for mild cognitive challenges but it is growing and as we find them we will share them. One simple thing anyone can do to challenge your brain is learn and practice eating with the opposite hand or brush your teeth using your non dominant hand. Now that is kind of fun.

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