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"I want to go home"

We hear the statement, "I want to go home" a lot from our dear loved ones living with dementia. Many times they are in the home they have lived in for over 30, 40, 50 years and even some have grown up in their current homes and they still will say "I want to go home." What does it really mean when a person with dementia makes that plea?

Experts tell us that our childhood home has been recognized as a place of safety. And when someone living with dementia make a plea to go home, they are really communicating to us that they do not feel ok at that moment. And if they can only get home they will be better.

How many of you tried several times to orient them to reality that this is their home, or they moved and can't go back? Yep.... and did it work? Of course not. Experts do advise us to ask, "tell me about your home." By getting the person to talk about their home brings up those comfort feelings and once they are comfortable you can redirect them into a better space. However, what if you can help them take a ride down memory lane virtually?

I was speaking to a friend of mine in Canada and a video was sent to me about riding to remember. Check it out.

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