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Regina Posvar

Founder of St Lucia Alzheimer & Dementia Association 

Angels of the West Indies

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Regina has been a Licensed Nurse over 25 years and has focused her attention for the last 20 years on Alzheimer and related dementia care. She has coached and mentored families, trained health care professionals for early stage dementia to end of life care.  Her experience with in-home care was accompanied with years of experience in Assisted Living & Memory Care settings and continues to be polished with continued training and support from “A Positive Approach to Care (PAC)” and under Mentorship Program with Dr. Ethelle Lord, founder of (ICA) International Caregiver’s Association. She consults, coaches and train individuals, professionals and families for in-home dementia care, hospitals, clinics, EMS and schools with a holistic approach to “Speak Alzheimer”. ....[more]

Certified Dementia Care Independent Trainer; Certified CPR/FirstAid Trainer; LPN/RNA; Certified Biofeedback Analysis

Founded in 2013


Angels of the West Indies (AWI) was founded in 2013 by Regina who was volunteering wound care services to a resident in St Lucia affected with late stage Alzheimer. After spending a year with the family and learning that Alzheimer and related dementia's were not spoken about in relation to negative stigma.


The family encouraged Regina to share awareness with the rest of the Island to encourage others to seek assistance in coping skills. As Awareness grew, families began seeking the nurse for private care and with this, began training the hired help and family members. The need for trained care partners grew and AWI was launched as a consultancy and grew as a training and long-term care services for dementia care. Supporters of the Awareness program encouraged an association for support and awareness and launched St. Lucia Alzheimer & Dementia Association (SLADA) in 2016. Both entities supports those living with brain changes and those that care for them.

Until there is a definitive cure, there will always be CARE needs. Talking and learning more about brain changes and how to communicate with someone affected by a form of dementia and with those that care for them will help decrease stigma and improve quality of life. As people in the Caribbean become more aware of the condition, the demand for better trained care partners is on the rise. Whether you are a family member, friend, nurse or health professional, you can find all your support and training needs here. Reach out to us today and we will help you get started.

Our Mission

To provide professional trusted, compassionate, long-term, respite relief that enhances the quality of life for those living with brain changes and those that care for them with education, training support and coping skills.

Our Vision

To be the Caribbean region's trusted partner and recognized leader for brain changes related care.

Angels of the West Indies is an organization in  Saint Lucia dedicated to supporting those living with Alzheimer and Dementia. We specialize in Alzheimer Dementia care, elder care, caregiver training and we provide you with the necessary skills, services, and information that's right for you.

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