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Professional Training

More support is needed, particularly in
low- and middle-income countries

Currently more than 55 million people live with dementia worldwide, and there are nearly 10 million new cases every year. Alzheimer's disease is the most common form of dementia and may contribute to 60-70% of cases.


Eighty Nine percent of countries reporting to WHO’s Global Dementia Observatory say they provide some community-based services for dementia. Medication for dementia, hygiene products, assistive technologies and household adjustments are also more accessible in high-income countries, with a greater level of reimbursement, than in lower-income countries.*

*World Health Organization Fact Sheet


A Rewarding Career in Healthcare

Angels of the West Indies focuses on the essential competencies to provide you with skills that focus on Alzheimer Dementia care Saint Lucia. The skills you learn are transferable to many areas of the healthcare industry making you a high-value professional.

Our programs are ideal for those who wish to pursuit a career in healthcare as a certified or non-certified Dementia Caregiver. We also offer employment assistance upon the completion of our programs.

Certified Dementia Caregiver

  1. Complete 40 online modules 

  2. 5 workshops in-person/virtual

  3. 80 clinical hours

  4. Essay on the experience and how techniques were used and response.

  5. Final exam

$1,000 EC

Trained Dementia Caregiver

  1. Complete 25 online modules

  2. 3 workshops in-person/virtual

  3. 30 clinical hours 

$700 EC

Program Details

Online Modules

Each module is 30 to 120 minutes long and will have check points of understanding and a quiz at the end. Must pass 80% or higher to receive the completion certificate

Workshop Classes

Each workshop is approximately 3 hours. The workshop is designed for hands-on practice for most learning abilities and requires learner participation...[More]


Learners will work at a select individual home for a total 80 hours. Learners will follow a outlined plan of care, document what is required, demonstrate skills, create an activity specific to the client

CE Credit

Continued education credit online and/or workshops can be obtained

Recertification (Every 2 Years)

  1. 1 video practicing HuH (under 2 minutes)

  2. 1 video practicing PPA (under 2 minutes)

  3. 3 CE under dementia, aging, disabilities, brain health

$50 EC

Group Workshops for
Care Facilities

We offer group workshop Training for your care facility. We structure the training based on the needs of your staff.


Depending on the need, class hours can be from 3 to 6 hours. Learners will build knowledge and skill to support someone living with dementia. Engaging activities require learner participation.

Price Varies- Please call us for details

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